The Tabby Cat Show 2010

The 16th Championship Show

Back to back with
the Exotic Cat Club and the Egyptian Mau Club
(held under GCCF Rules)

Saturday 2nd October 2010
Greig Leisure Centre,
Gunnings Road,
B49 6AD

Schedule 2010            Entry Form

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Endorsed by the Tabby Colourpoint Cat Club including classes for the following:

  • Persian: Tabbies,
  • Tabby Colourpoints
    Exotics: Tabby,
  • Spotted and Tabby & White
    British Sh: Tabby,
  • British assessments
  • Classic assessments
    and Non-Pedigrees
Get 2 certificates at the Tabby Cat Club and Exotic Cat Club for Tabby & Tabby and White Exotics Choose from Imperial/Grand or Open Class (only one class) Price £15 for members, £18 for non members.

This year extended to include:
Tabby and White Persians,
Tabby Maine Coons,
Tabby Norwegians,
Tabby Bengals and Tabby Asians

The following classes have been missed out of the printed Tabby Cat Club schedule - but are included in the on-line schedule

Class 82e Egyptian Mau Adult.                    Judge Mrs M Kalal.
Class 95e Egyptian Mau Neuter.                 Judge Mrs M Kalal.
If you have entered the Egyptian Mau Show you can only enter 1 class in TCC.

You can enter Open, Grand or Imperial

Entry is priced at Member £15 and Non Member £18.

Class 269a A.C. SELF (with or without white) SH Pedigree Adult  - Miss S Rabey
Class 269b A.C. TABBY (with or without white) SH Pedigree Adult - Miss T White.
Class 269c GINGER or A.C.TORTIE (with/without white) SH Pedigree Adult - Miss S Rabey
Class 269d A.O.C. COLOUR (with or without white SH Pedigree Adult - Miss T White

Show Manager: Barbara Prowse