The Tabby Cat Club Show 2007

The Thirteenth Championship Show

Greig Leisure Centre Complex
Gunnings Road, Alcester, Warks. B49 6AD

Saturday 6th October 2007

Overall Best in Show and Best in Show British Shorthair Adult
Vicky and Vince Potts with Champion Shadowmine Silva-Tarka

Best in Show Persian Adult
Joan Hemmings with Champion Jopuz Austin Healey

Best in Show Persian Neuter
Debbie Flint with Grand Premier Sandiman Jubilee

Best in Show Persian Kitten
Brenda Grey with Onnydale Dreamlover

Best in Show British Shorthair Kitten 
Mrs J Crowther with Rapley Red Rum

Best in Show British Shorthair Neuter 
Mr & Mrs Potts and Storer with Premier Shadowmine Silva-Simba

Best in Show Non-Pedigree Kitten 
Mrs S Vale with Ellie Kim