The Tabby Persian Standard

General Type Standard

  • Head and Ears - Head round and broad with plenty of space between well tufted ears, which should be small, neat and well covered. Short, broad nose with a stop that is not extreme. Full cheeks and broad muzzle with no pinch. Level bite, firm chin.
  • Eyes - Wide open, large and round (not deep set).
  • Eye Colour - Black Silver Tabby: green, hazel, copper or orange, green preferred. All other colours: copper or orange.
  • Body and Legs - Cobby, muscular body with short, thick sturdy legs.
  • Tall - Short, full and well furnished.
  • Coat • Long, dense, silky with a glossy sheen.

Classic Tabby Pattern

Markings on long-haired Tabbies should be clearly defined and dense in colour with no brindling. On the forehead there should be a letter 'M’. There should be an unbroken line running back from the corner of the eye, with pencillings on the cheek, and lines running over the back of the head extending to the shoulder markings, which should be shaped like a butterfly. On the neck and chest there should be unbroken necklaces, the more the better.

There should be a line running down the spine from the butterfly to the tail with a clear line running parallel to each side of this line; these three stripes down the back to be separated from each other by stripes of the ground colour. Each flank should have an oyster marking. The markings on each side should be identical.

  • The abdominal area should be spotted.
  • Legs should be identically barred with bracelets going down from the body markings to the feet. Tail should be well ringed.
  • Allowances to be made for diffusion of tabby markings in cats showing long or full flowing coats.

Coat Colour

Markings - Markings of the appropriate colour to be clearly defined and dense in colour, without brindling, affording a good contrast with the ground colour. The colour should reach as near the roots as possible especially in the Standard Tabby colours; in the Silver Tabby colours the roots of the hair will tend to be silvered.

Ground Colour • Even, a silvery colour in those breeds with the silver gene.


Head and Ears
Body, Legs, Paws and Tail
Coat, Colour, Markings and Condition

Withhold Certificates or First Prizes in Kitten Open Classes for:

  • Incorrect eye colour
  • Lack of pattern contrast or clarity
  • Any defect as listed in the preface to this SOP booklet.


  • White anywhere
  • Solid back, blurred markings, lack of leg pattern
  • Brindled or uneven ground colour.

Note: Tabby kittens with a tendency to near-white in the immediate area of the lips and lower jaw should not be penalised.